The best way to navigate the instructions is by using the rotor to select "Headings". You can then swipe up and down to navigate between the headings.

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Welcome to Fleksy.
Fleksy allows you to easily enter text on a touch screen device without needing to look at the screen or be accurate. It will significantly improve your typing experience. You will soon be able to type at 25 words per minute or even more, including punctuation.
Please read this instructions page to get yourself started with the application and if you find difficulties or issues, send us an email to

Layout of Fleksy

The application might take a couple of seconds to finish loading the first time you use it. Once it has finished loading, you will hear a confirmation that Fleksy is ready.
The bottom half of the screen becomes a keyboard in the standard QWERTY layout. But the way you type with Fleksy is different to what you might have been used to. For instance, you will not get feedback on each letter that you type. Instead, you simply tap the screen where you think each letter of a word is, moving on to the next letter just like you would on a regular hardware keyboard. You only need to perform a single quick tap for each letter, instead of a double tap or a tap and hold gesture that you may be used to. There are no control keys that you may accidentally hit, like Shift, Backspace or even Space.
The top part of the screen displays the text.
To get started, make a single tap on the keyboard to activate the it. You are now ready to start typing. Remember, the bottom part of the screen is the keyboard, and the top part of the screen shows the text you have written. The keyboard uses a high contrast color scheme, which may be helpful if you are partially sighted.


Let's take the word "bananas" and use it as an example. To type "bananas", first tap approximately where you think the letter B is. That should be near the middle and bottom part of the screen, and you only need to do a single tap. Don't worry about being too accurate. You will hear a clicking sound to indicate that a key press has been registered. Next tap where you think the letter A is. That should be on the left part of the screen, and somewhat higher than your previous tap. Next tap on the letter N, approximately at the bottom right part of the screen.
Try not to press and hold on the screen. Just lightly touch the screen and you will instantly hear a click. Move on to the next letter. Also, try to avoid accidental taps.
Continue tapping the rest of the letters A N A S to form the word "bananas". After the last letter, perform a right swipe gesture across the screen to indicate a space. The system will then automatically correct your input and read out the word that you typed. To type your next word, you simply start tapping on the next letters as described.
Make sure to spell words correctly, and avoid accidental taps on the screen as these will register as characters.

Changing the suggestion

Sometimes, the system may give you a different word than you intended as a first suggestion. Say you want to write the word "experiences". Sometimes Fleksy will auto-correct your suggestion to "experienced" - as the two words are very similar on the keyboard. You may change the correction to the next alternative suggestion by swiping down. Swiping up and down will navigate the different suggestions. When you hear the suggestion you want, you do not need to do anything to confirm it. You can start typing the next word.

Deleting a word

To delete a word, simply swipe left. You will hear back that the word was deleted. To delete multiple words quickly, swipe left and hold your finger on the screen. If you start typing a word and realize that you meant to type something different, swipe left to tell the system to discard your last taps and start typing again.

Entering basic punctuation

To enter punctuation after you have typed a word, swipe one more time to the right. Fleksy will then add a period right after the word. You can change the period to a comma, question mark or other punctuation marks by swiping down, just like changing the suggested corrections of words. To delete a punctuation mark, swipe to the left like you do to delete a word.
Fleksy will automatically add the correct spacing formats around the punctuation symbol, and capitalize the next word if necessary, so you don't need to worry about that.
This basic punctuation mode includes most frequently used symbols, but Fleksy also includes a way to input advanced symbols.

Entering custom words - custom dictionary

Sometimes, you will want to type a word that does not exist in the system dictionary, such as a name. To do this, you need to accurately type the word, letter by letter.
Put your finger on the keyboard and wait for a second or so, until you hear a letter being read out. Then move your finger around the screen to hear the different letters. Once you lift your finger, the letter that was last read out will be entered.
Enter each letter in this way until you have completed the word you wish to enter, then swipe right, as you normally do. When you do this, swiping right will not automatically correct your input.
You can save the word to the dictionary with a single swipe up after manual entry, so you don't need to enter it manually next time. The same procedure, i.e. entering a word manually and swiping up also removes it from the user dictionary - in case you saved a word by mistake.

Entering advanced punctuation

The basic punctuation mode described earlier is suitable for most commonly used symbols. Fleksy also has an advanced symbol mode for some more infrequently used symbols.
To bring this up, press and hold anywhere on the keyboard - as you do when you write a name manually. Then move your finger towards the top of the keyboard, and you will hear some symbols being read out. Each symbol represents a group in which you can navigate by choosing the main symbol in the group and swiping down.
For example, to enter the Euro symbol, manually enter the dollar symbol and then swipe down until the Euro symbol is entered.

Entering new lines

To enter new line, swipe down with two fingers. You can also find the new line button: press and hold on the keyboard and find the new line key at the bottom right.

Entering numbers

Fleksy includes a number entry keyboard, which is formatted in the standard 10 key dialpad layout for fast number entry. To bring this up, press and hold your finger on the keyboard as you do when you enter a manual letter. Then move the finger to the bottom left of the screen - you will find a "numbers" button. This will bring up the numbers keyboard. You can revert back to the letters keyboard with a similar gesture in the numbers keyboard.

How do I capitalize letters?

Fleksy will automatically capitalize words in the beginning of sentences as well as proper names in its dictionary. However, in some cases you may wish to manually capitalize a letter - especially when you type words manually.
To do this, after manually entering a letter, swipe up. This will change the capitalization of the last manually entered character.

How do I use the text I have entered?

Once you are done typing, swipe up with two fingers anywhere on the screen. This will bring up the menu and read back the text you have entered. The menu includes various options for using the text you have typed.
You can exit the menu at any time by clicking the resume typing button, or scrubing up and down with two fingers.

Reading back your text

You can get Fleksy to read back your text at any time. You can do this by bringing up the menu - the first thing the menu does is to read back the text you have entered. You can use the rotor to read back by word or character.
There is also a setting which is called "Raise to Speak". You will find this in the Settings app, located in your homescreen under Fleksy. When enabled, this makes Fleksy read back the text you entered when the proximity sensor is activated. So, you can switch this option on and put the phone to your ear to hear back the text you have written. You can even put your hand to your phone's earpiece - this will have the same effect.'
By the way, you can also make Fleksy spell each word as you type it by enabling the "spell words" feature in the settings.

What are the favorites?

Fleksy allows you to save numbers and e-mail addresses you communicate with regularly, to save you time.
Go to the Settings App and find the Fleksy settings. You can save favorite numbers or e-mail addresses by writing them in the Favorites text field, separating each number or address by a comma.
When you use Fleksy, these favorite destinations will be high up in the menu for easy access.

I communicate a lot with other Fleksy users

Fleksy includes a way to further improve your efficiency when you communicate with other Fleksy users.
Go to the Settings app and find Fleksy. You can populate your e-mail address and phone number in the settings.
When you do this, Fleksy will add a short link at the bottom of your emails and SMS messages. When the recipient of your message is also a Fleksy user, they can click the link from within their Messages app on iPhone to initiate Fleksy and reply to you.

I need more information

Please get in contact by emailing